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Oakfusion is software shop, specializing in creating mobile and web products. In everyday work, programmers and developers write huge amount of code, which contain a lot of brackets. When designing the logo, I used that characteristic element – brackets, which formed together, create the symbol of oak nut.

oakfusion logo gif animated

Al reves is a new book publisher on the polish market, which name comes from spanish word “al reves”, which means going for a different direction than everybody else. As a symbol I’ve used flipped quotation mark, opposite to one, which is used normally in the text. Thanks to that treatment, symbol now reminds letter “a” – first letter of publisher name.

logo al reves logotype

Logotype was inspired be the traditional process of crafting carpets using loom. This tool is made of vertical threads, between which craftsman is pulling horizontal ones. Logotype was layed out in similar way, but instead of threads I have used letters.

logo tkalnia dywanów

One of key features, which client provided, was using reference to animal in brand mark. Renner products are used mostly on racing tracks. Associations, which I made with brand was speed, energy, aggression and also design and technology. That’s why I used panther in the logo, but illustrated in simple, technical way.

logo renner

Logo made for competition, for Emmerson – real estate company. Referring to the brand business type, using type manipulation, I made letters “M” to resemble buildings, keeping the legibility on the high level. The competion was unresolved.

projekt logo emmerson

Logo made for online money exchange service. Transition between two letters refers to the money exchange.

projekt logo walutobot
projekt logo sky pr
logo menace tag graffiti
logotyp artbeard

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